Good morning,

During these uncertain times, we maintain our unwavering commitment to ensure the continual operation of your business systems and to the health and safety of our clients, teams, and surrounding communities.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and adapting as things evolve rapidly.

Ensuring your technical needs are met
We understand that your business needs to operate despite the challenges around us all. A lot has changed in a short time, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that facilitating a remote workforce is now the new business reality and our #1 priority. Our leadership team is working closely with each of our clients to help them determine the best remote workforce solution for their situation. And our project team has been finding new, faster ways to implement these tools with each implementation they perform.

Keeping up with demand
At the start of the week, we were caught off guard as we began receiving over 500% of our average call volume. To help deal with this volume, we have developed new efficiencies and borrowed resources from other teams to bolster our helpdesk to address this increased demand.

Minimizing the Spread of COVID19
Given the recent developments related to COVID-19, we have made a decision to stop all non-critical on-site technical support, proactive DAM/DSR appointments, and project implementation to minimize the spread of the virus and to protect the health of your staff and ours. All currently scheduled and future on-site work orders will be reviewed to ensure they are Critical before a technician will be dispatched. If you have a non-critical appointment scheduled, it will be put on hold until after the COVID19 risk level is officially decreased.

For a work order to be deemed Critical, a business system must be offline and be preventing critical business transactions from occurring. Hardware replacement/installation, aside from failed server/network components, will not be deemed Critical. Our Repair Depot will remain open to repair Personal Computers.

We are continuing to monitor the situation.
Every day we learn more, and new information becomes available about COVID-19 and its potential impact. As the situation continues to unfold, we will continually adapt our response and adjust our business practices as required. As a result of this fluid situation, we will stay in communication with you and keep this conversation open and ongoing.

I know that after keeping your family safe and ensuring that your essential needs are met, your next concern is ensuring your business continues to operate as smoothly as possible. I want to thank you for trusting us with your business, and ensure you that we will do our utmost to continue to support your business throughout these challenging times.

Thank you,

Lee Vaniderstine
Chief Executive Officer