While the call for social distancing left most of us feeling uncomfortably disorientated working in our own homes, a small sense of accomplishment should be felt heading into the coming weeks. Navigating through the uncertain aspects of the pandemic and transitioning into a non-traditional work setting was not easy, but we somehow managed to pull through. Now, with the initial scramble over, we can begin to gently ease our way into once again taking care of ourselves.

happier Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are going to play a big part in how we progress each day through social distancing. Being in the right frame of mind to handle this unique situation will rely on how well we take care of ourselves.

To help you get through your days and take care of your personal well-being here are some tips that some of us at happier IT are doing to keep a good work-life balance during social-distancing.

Physical Fitness

Working in the office provided us with numerous opportunities to sneak in some extra steps throughout the day. Now with social distancing in place, it is easy to simply forgo any sort of physical activity since the same chair you work in can easily be the same one you watch Netflix in.

The heart and stroke foundation recommends adults 18-64 find time for 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more.

We’ve turned to our friends at [mend]physio to provide us with some at home exercises found on their Instagram page.  We will re-post some of their [mend] Monday content so you can follow along.


These days, going to the grocery store is a bigger deal than it normally would be, not to stock up unnecessarily but to ensure the right items are on hand. It is important to avoid panic-buying since stores are still open. Purchasing the right foods with a proper balance of nutrition will be key for each trip so take inventory of what is on hand and make a list of essentials before you decide to venture out.

Tip: Stress eating and snacking out of boredom is an ongoing battle but having healthy snacks on hand and recognizing when it is happening is a good first step in learning how to combat the urge.

If nutrition is not your strong suit, meal plan delivery companies like HelloFresh usually have promo codes and trial offers that you can take advantage of. Also, some provinces offer free provincial call centres where you will be able to speak with a dietitian at no cost. Information can be found here (Note: most virtual appointments with dietitians will incorporate a fee so inquire about costs before you schedule).

Mental Health

During this time, it is important to acknowledge that stress levels and feelings of anxiousness are a common and expected reaction to what is happening. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed by the crisis, please reach out to our friends at the Canadian Mental Health Association. They have also provided us with some helpful tips to deal with these unique circumstances.


Sleeping plays a big role in how we can manage our stress and curb feelings of angst. Getting enough sleep also provides benefits to our immune systems and recovery periods, so a restful night is highly recommended.

Tip: For those working and living in smaller spaces, try resetting your environment before or after work and turning your settings into a stress-free zone. With the help of diffusers, a couple house plants and some calming sounds, even the smallest place can turn into a serene area for a good night’s rest.

If you need help unwinding after a busy day, try downloading an app like Headspace.

Hopefully, these tips help you with the hours outside and in between your work week. If you have tips that you would like to share, tag us and comment on our social media @happierit