Welcome to the New Normal

For better or for worse, SMBs are forging ahead using their same old legacy software to restart their businesses in the post-pandemic era. While it might seem crazy to talk about investing and spending right now, there are several reasons why you should bite the bullet and start looking at modern services heading into the new normal.

Can’t. Won’t. But. Don’t want to…

Even in the best of times, clunky traditional desktop apps tend to bottleneck business after a few years of growth and change. Even so, we still see many of our clients pouring money into old software trying to make it work in ways that it was never intended for.

I get it, over time your users have built a dependency and reliance on your current software and modernizing legacy services isn’t your main focus right now. Right now, you’re probably focused on how to best keep your business running with a remote workforce… Great! Modernizing your infrastructure will: 1) Greatly reduce costs, 2) Improve flexibility and collaboration, 3) Fully support remote capabilities, 4) Improve security, 5) Adhere to compliance… still no?  🤔

This proves that what looks like a no-brainer on paper isn’t always the case when we add in the human element of user preference and comfortability. There is always the emotional attachment to stick with what “works.”

So when does what “works” not work? The answer: When not only your business changes, but the entire global environment changes with it.

The World has Changed and so Should your Business

Let’s face it, we are moving into a modern era of business, headed by a recession. SMBs should be looking to shed costs rather than incur them. Using the right cloud-based apps not only means cost savings, but it also means every user will always be able to securely connect remotely, from any device!

Legacy software and core business applications that were built on traditional in-office work settings have now become the tech world’s equivalent of a clunky old jalopy. Like using an old clunker on the road, sticking with desktop software in a remote setting can get expensive, fast.

Clunker Fees

Yes, your old clunker might offer comfort and familiarity but is it worth the extra costs in today’s uncertain business environment? The problem with housing traditional applications is that these clunker fees start to add up and the apps themselves are not suitable for accommodating today’s digital super-highway.

Consider this breakdown of what you get when paying your clunker fees:

  • Less security: Traditional apps are built to be used in office, not on unreliable (sometimes public) internet connections.

  • Less accessibility: Remote Desktop Services are needed just to access the apps.

  • Higher costs: Costs to house traditional apps in an Azure-like rented datacenter or paying to have your own datacenter can be well over $100/month per user.

How Leveraging SaaS can Maximize your Savings

Here is the great news, you can Stop paying those clunker fees, Support remote settings, Increase security, Adhere to compliance, and improve flexibility. It’s as simple as finding out what legacy software can be replaced by modern cloud-hosted applications.

Tip: You can eliminate a lot of technological redundancy by merely looking into which Microsoft cloud-based app, that you’re already paying for, can be used to replace your legacy services.

It’s not just about saving on clunker fees, most cloud apps having integration capabilities that can be used to automate information exchange between different applications. This allows you to transfer data safely and reliably with less concern over data-loss and greatly reduces the chance of data breaches.

Furthermore, when we look at the big picture, changing capital costs (something as costly as replacing your server) into operating costs (costs of switching to SaaS), or even minimal-to-no costs (switching to apps already included in Office 365), can provide major savings when they’re needed most (during a global recession).

The Big Question

If you could ditch your old clunker for a brand new, fully loaded, more efficient vehicle at a cheaper cost would you not take it?

I challenge you to find a successful start-up company that is opting for an antique application. An application that needs a hired internal IT team dedicated to overseeing the costly infrastructure needed for these grounded apps. Better yet, find one of your competitors that is doing so.

The simple fact is this: our business world is changing with the addition of more remote workers and traditional software is not built to support this non-traditional environment. The advantages of being less resistive to adapting to this process isn’t about pushing you to get out of your comfort zone, it’s about leveraging SaaS and using modern applications as a direct investment into something that will immediately support the short- and long-term sustainability of your organization.

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