Top 10 – IT Security DOs and DON’Ts (Videos)

Learn the Top 10 easy things you can do (or not do) to protect yourself and your organization from cyber security risks.

 Tip 1: Don’t get tricked

Don’t be tricked into giving away confidential information

 Tip 2: Stay secure

Don’t use an unprotected computer

 Tip 3: Put things away

Don’t leave sensitive info lying around the office

 Tip 4: Lock it

Lock your computer and mobile phone when not in use

 Tip 5: Stay alert

Stay alert and report suspicious activity

 Tip 6: Protect it

Password-protect sensitive files and devices

 Tip 7: Good passwords

Always use hard-to-guess passwords

 Tip 8: Think first

Be cautious of suspicious emails and links

 Tip 9: Don’t plug it in

Don’t plug in personal devices without the OK from IT

 Tip 10: Don’t install it

Don’t install unauthorized programs on your work computer

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