Affordable IT Services

Imagine if your IT service saved you money and gave you more for the money you already spend.

Predictable and Budgetable IT Costs

We make it simple to control your IT costs.

  • All-Inclusive | Never Hesitate to Get Help

    Our all-inclusive package includes all IT labor enabling you to accurately predict and budget your IT expenses.

  • Flat Rate, Simple to Understand Pricing

    We price our service per device and our invoices reflect that. With happier IT our billing is transparent. You won’t have any mysterious charges, or unexpected costs.

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    No Nickle & Diming

    With happier IT, there is no nickel & diming. You get your predictable bill each month regardless of how many hours or what type of work is done.

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    Unlimited Support Included

    With happier IT you get unlimited helpdesk and on-site support included.

Scales with Your Business

Our service adapts to your needs.

  • Scales Up/Down With Your Business

    Our service scales up and down to meet your business needs. There is no notice needed or penalty to increase or decrease your service each month.

  • Pay Only for What You Use

    Easily add/remove devices based on your usage to adjust your billing each month.

  • Great for Seasonal Businesses

    happier IT is ideal for businesses that scale up seasonally. We can rapidly provide support for your seasonal workers.

No Contract Lock-in!

Our month-to-month agreement gives you the freedom
and flexibly to do what’s right for your business.

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    Month-to-Month Agreement | No Contract Lock-in

    We don’t lock you into a contract. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, or your circumstances change, we will happily help you transition to another service provider.

No Setup Fees

We don’t charge you to begin using our services.

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    No Setup or Onboarding Fee

    We don’t charge you to begin using our service.
    We help you get setup, and transfer everything over, all as part of our on-boarding process.

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    Trusted by Thousands of Canadians

    We support thousands of users across Canada and maintain a 98% Satisfaction Rate.

No Hardware Requirements

We don’t try to put you in a box.
Use the technology and brands you want.

  • We are Completely Brand Agnostic

    Mac, Windows, Linux | HP, Lenovo or Dell or some other brand. | We are completely brand and technology agnostic, and can help your business regardless of the platform(s) you use.

  • No Need to Upgrade to Work with Us

    With happier IT, we don’t require you to make expensive upgrades or changes in order to do business with us. We take you as you are and help you upgrade and change on your own schedule.

  • No Penalty or Fees to Use the Brands You Prefer

    We don’t charge you more, or charge you penalties if you want to use one brand over another.

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    No Pressure to Purchase From Us

    With happier IT, we are happy to help you procure hardware/software through us, however if you prefer to buy things on your own or have an existing procurement arrangement we don’t pressure you to buy from us

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    No “Certification” Fee if You Purchase Equipment on Your Own

    We don’t charge “certification” or “testing” fees for hardware you purchase through a 3rd party. In fact we charge no fees at all. Our service is all-inclusive and we don’t believe in nickel & diming our clients.

Competitive Pricing | Industry-Leading Value

Our competitive pricing and industry leading value gives you access to a team of certified professionals with industry leading expertise

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    Priced Competitively

    We constantly watch the market. happier IT is priced similarly to our competitors – minus the surprise hidden charges.

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    We Give You More For Your Money

    At happier IT we’re all about value. We’re constantly increasing value whether that be through tools for your business, free services that we include or faster response time.

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    Our Price Won’t Unexpectedly Increase

    Some of our competitors charge a lower amount upfront to win your business, then increase their price after 2-3 months citing the complexity of your business/IT as the reason for the increase. With happier IT, our price is our price, we won’t suddenly increase our price on you.