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Introducing happier IT – for IT Teams

We’re there for you when you need help battling the biggest IT challenges. Whether you need to complete a project, implement helpdesk for your staff, or ensure your servers are monitored and running 24/7/365 – We’ll be there in the shadows making you look good.

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Solutions for the Highly Competitive IT Job Market

There is a mass shortage of IT workers both in and entering into the IT field, making the job market incredibly competitive. It can take weeks or months to hire, and much longer for that person to become effective. happier IT can provide the people-power you need to ease the burden on your current team, and eliminate the stress of recruiting, training, managing and retaining new IT staff.

Retain Top Talent

  • Increase Job Satisfaction

    Prevent highly paid and skilled IT resources from spending much of their time on mundane issues below their pay grade.

  • Prevent Fatigue & Burn-out

    Don’t let your organizations 24/7 requirements burn-out your top talent and drive them to leave.

Shift the Talent Burden to Us

  • Make the best use of your time

    Don’t spend your valuable recruiting, training, managing and retaining top-tier technical talent.

  • Keep IT Running

    Don’t put IT initiatives on hold each time you have turn-over.

  • Reduce your stress

    Stop Stuggling to Hire in This Competitive Market.

Our Services

Outsourced IT Helpdesk

Outsourced IT Helpdesk

  • Unlimited Instant Live Helpdesk (Phone / Live Chat)
  • Industry-Leading Response and Resolution Time
  • Multiple Service Options (Business Hours or 24/7/365)
  • Custom icons and call answering as your company
  • Powerful management tools available for you to use
  • Transfer your Helpdesk to us in as little as 2 weeks
Outsourced IT Helpdesk

Server Monitoring & Management

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Response
  • Proactive Hardware/Sensor/Eventlog Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring & Remediation
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and VMWare
  • Powerful management tools available for you to use
  • Transfer your first server to us in as little as 48 hours
Outsourced IT Helpdesk

IT Project Services

  • Project / Solution Design
  • Project Management
  • Remote and On-site Project Implementation
  • Night/Weekend Implementation Available
  • On-premise and Cloud Experience
  • More than 24 years experience

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